New theme, iPhones, and stuff

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By , February 21, 2009 1:45 am

You’ll have noticed that there’s a new theme for the blog. With our one year anniversary in a couple months it seemed like a nice idea to try to make a little more use of the blog and it was also time to take down the wedding stuff (though it’s still available here). In terms of new content, I’ve been helping with the “ALPHA”-like Considering Christianity course at church and have been thinking it would be useful to try to write down some of the thoughts I’ve had regarding our topics of discussion. Plus, our new iPhones make it easy to microblog like I’m doing right now.

Yup, Jordan and I have entered the next stage of the digital world by getting smartphones. And not just any smartphone – we held our breath and plunged into the world of Apple by getting iPhones! Ostensibly, Jordan will need one during her rotations in order to run some specialized software, and since we were going to have to get a family plan on AT&T anyway, we decided (or maybe Jordan decided as a gift) that I could get one too.

The verdict is, I think, still out on whether or nor it’s worth it to pay for data and the price of the phones, but I think we’re both finding them useful.

Take a look, by the way, if you also have an iPhone, at this blog – it should automatically mobile format for you!

Finally, here are two pictures taken within the phone (to show that off too!): Jordan imagining holding an iphone from when we got them when I was back in NC two weeks ago; and me playing basketball today (thanks to Hiram, the photographer, my parents for their shoe sponsorship, the Walker’s for the shooting sleeve, and my lovely wife Jordan for the basketball).

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