Banff Day 2

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By , June 3, 2008 6:10 pm

We begin our second day in Banff with a nice breakfast and quite time at a trendy cafe called “Wild Flower”. Here’s Jordan outside in the bright sun

Jordan at breakfast

After breakfast, we contemplated going for another bike ride, but the forecast called for afternoon rain, so we decided it would be more prudent to drive/walk. Near the town of Banff is a large lake, Lake Minnewanka. We decided to make it our first destination.

As a random fact, Lake Minnewanka is the site of the only hydroelectric power generation plant in a Canadian national park. As a result, we could drive out on to the dam at the edge of the lake. As we were driving out, we encountered a traffic jam because of some big horned sheep that were on the road! (The zoomed in picture is from a little later – he’s older as you can tell from the increased length / number of rings on his horns.)

Sheep on bridge Sheep on bridge 2 Big horned sheep zoom in

Lake Minnewanka is in a beautiful setting with a backdrop of mountains near and far.

Lake Minnewanka panorama

Here’s a picture of us…

Us at Lake Minnewanka

After driving around the loop road that lead to Lake Minnewanka, we decided that since the weather was now beautiful again we should go for a hike. So we proceeded to Johnson Canyon, to see the waterfalls there. (check back for more!)

Banff Day 1

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By , June 1, 2008 9:10 pm

Our first day in Banff, we rented bikes and road around the town of Banff. Up here, though there’s still lots of snow, the weather and ground conditions in the lower elevations near town are beautiful, warm, and clear!

Not just the people are out enjoying the nice weather. After seeing so many, elk are less exciting, but it’s still pretty awesome to have them interrupt our bike ride.

Elk on the trail

Here we are at the Vermillion lakes.

Vermillion  lakes

Here’s a panorama of one of the Vermillion lakes.

Vermillion Lakes panorama

Our final bike ride was up to a trail head which then lead to a nice canyon loop hike (Sunshine Canyon).

Sunshine Canyon

An excellent first day!


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By , June 1, 2008 9:10 pm

As a theme, we’ve been doing hand stands in different places. Here are some of our results.

at Sunshine Canyon, our first tries

Jordan at Sunshine Canyon Caleb at Sunshine Canyon

at the lower falls in Johnson Canyon.

Johnson Canyon Caleb at Johnson Canyon

and at the Lake Agnes teahouse near Lake Louise.

Jordan  at Lake Agnes Both of us

Check back for updates!

On the road…

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By , June 1, 2008 8:57 pm

Our day started at the Oakland airport. Here’s our plane

the plane

And here we are, excited to get on the way!

Jordan Caleb

Here are some pictures from our ride from Spokane up to Banff. First, crossing the border into Canadia.


And on the road finally in Canada…

On the road to banff day 1

We’ll post a few more pictures as we go along.

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