How we met

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By , February 6, 2008 12:34 pm

CeeGee Members Jordan and I met in San Francisco, in a “community group” associated with City Church. Our’s is a really neat group of people who mostly live in the Inner Sunset neighborhood. Here are some of the CG people being silly. (click for full size pictures).

The Sunset from UCSF The “Sunset” starts at the hill UCSF sits on and extends towards the Ocean. It’s north boundary is Golden Gate Park, but its southern boundary is less well defined.

North from UCSFLooking north (you can see both the Golden Gate bridge and my truck in this picture).

Sunset over the SunsetThe Sunset at sunset…

We always welcome new members in the community group. If you’re looking to be involved in Christian community in the Inner Sunset, shoot me an email!

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